Liz Doyle Pilates


The other week I left class feeling my back was straight and I was at least seven feet tall.

This week I could tie my shoe laces without having to raise my foot to waist height. Next goal - to paint my toe nails myself.


I enjoy Pilates classes with Liz as she demonstrates and explains the exercises well. She keeps the sessions varied and interesting, giving lots of positive comments and encouragement for us to try new Pilates movements. I have been going for over 4 years and always look forward to the sessions which I feel have helped me.


Liz is a knowledgeable, caring and well organised teacher. She makes each session different, fun and just a little challenging. I always feel more flexible and alive after her Pilates class. Recommend very highly.


I started Pilates with Liz over a year ago now and always enjoy her sessions. She motivates you to do the best you can within the limits of your abilities. She monitors individual progress and always encourages you to feel you can achieve. I do have some back issues and migraines, but Pilates with Liz has been a tremendous help in easing these problem areas. I always come home after my Pilates session with Liz feeling reinvigorated and refreshed - and, of course - it's great fun!


The class has a very friendly relaxed atmosphere, and Liz gives clear simple instructions concentrating on working each muscle group. We receive individual encouragement to progress, and I always feel so good after each session!


I am now in my second year of classes with Liz Doyle. We seem to be a consistent group with all of us renewing each term, which I think speaks for itself. Liz makes the sessions flow seamlessly, at a perfect pace and with a good variety of exercises - so that we are stretched/slightly challenged but not negatively daunted. She achieves a great balance of being very professional (eg. always 100% re timing or regarding individuals ailments/limitations) but also approachable and friendly. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions and feel they are 'doing me good' not only during the hour of the session, but generally.


I went to Pilates with Liz to help with a back problem. I have kept going as it not only eased my back, but has improved my general fitness. With small classes, she is able to cater for individual needs. Her friendly, professional instructions are easy to follow making the whole experience enjoyable.


Liz is a committed teacher who skilfully plans every session. Each week, there is a different focus; consequently there is fresh enthusiasm and motivation for the participants. Liz is extremely sensitive to each individual need and will tailor the exercise to anybody who is finding the movement difficult. I highly recommend Liz's Pilates sessions.


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